What We Do


ACL Steel considers each contract a unique challenge. Our goal is customer satisfaction through the use of quality-controlled materials, cost-effectiveness, and completion of the project on schedule.

With our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art facility, we have the ability to meet all of your custom welding and fabrication needs.

Whether you require light gauge or heavy steel fabrication, ACL Steel is the right choice for you.



When your business is expanding, you need more space quickly and economically. ACL Steel streamlines the design-build process. We can provide a smooth transition from structural design and engineering to fabrication and erection.

Our design-build approach offers countless advantages to the construction process since control and responsibility are centralized through one source. You have control over costs and we build to your budget. We tailor the project to fit your design needs, placing you in a new facility on time and on budget.

Stairs and Railings

Stairs and Railings

With in-house drafting, our products are as varied as your imagination: from spiraled stairs, architectural canopies and towers, handrails, catwalks, ladders, mezzanines, lintels, grating trenches, and platforms to steel stairs with assorted treads.

Our facility allows structures to be manufactured without borders. The creativity of architects and engineers will not hinder the output of our craftsman.



As an added value to you, ACL Steel can supply and install floor and roof decks. This means one less sub-contract for you to worry about on your project. Delivery and installation all coordinated and on time as the steel progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Steel Services

A. ACL Steel has successfully supplied and installed a number of LEED-Certified projects working in conjunction with their steel suppliers. When designing a structural steel building and LEED points is a concern, the engineer should be aware that WF shapes offer the best recycled content, while using HSS shapes produces lower recycled contents and often creates difficulty achieving the desired LEED points.

A. ACL Steel cleans and prime paints their structural steel to CISC/CPMA 1-73a. Our prime paint is a one coat shop applied primer, is warranted for 90 days after the product is applied and stored in our yard, and should not be considered a finish paint.

Structural steel with shop applied primer requires the new building to be enclosed, protected from the elements (wetness/condensation, etc), and generally climate controlled as quickly as possible to avoid any potential issues with bleed through or rusting on sharp edges or joints of the steel (ie weak points where build-up of paint material is hard to achieve).

If visual aesthetics are high on your client’s priority list, a finish coat of paint should be applied over any shop applied primer.

A. Yes. Specifying AESS finishing increases the cost of drafting, detailing, and fabrication due to the labour intensive efforts required to produce the desired aesthetics and finishes. Architects and engineers preparing technical specifications should be aware of the increased costs before specifying AESS finishing and clearly exclude or include AESS at their client’s discretion.

A. Structural steel components such as WF shapes, C shapes, HSS shapes, angles, and plates are processed differently, processed at different locations, and have different thicknesses and chemical compositions. The reaction between steel and zinc varies as a result of all these factors (and many more), which produces different galvanized zinc surface finishes and colours/sheens.

You can obtain a dull matte grey finish to a shiny bright finish through the hot dip galvanizing process and the overall performance of the coating will not be sacrificed regardless of finish appearance. The important thing to remember is you’ve obtained a durable coating through the process that will offer excellent protection to exterior exposure for years to come.

A. Each and every job is unique and the deliverable timeline will vary. Structural steel can typically be delivered to a job site within 10-12 weeks from a contract award. Much smaller projects can be delivered quicker, and larger, more complex projects will require more time.

The main factors affecting structural steel delivery include the quality of the architectural and structural tender set of drawings and whether they are well-coordinated, the approval drawing turn around process/time, the availability of structural steel from the suppliers or mills (rolling dates), and the availability of drafting and shop time at our facility.

A. For all of our contact information, including the address and phone numbers, please visit our Contacts page.